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Story 2014 Carporama

Page history last edited by Jerome Moisand 8 years, 8 months ago

Carporama 2014



June 21st and 22nd, 2014


Spy Pond, MA


Mentors and Kids


Five years already!


In June 2010, a couple of friends and I took a bunch of kids fishing for carp at Spy Pond. This was a bit of a shot in the dark, as we hadn’t fished the venue for several years. The result was an exhilarating day for kids, parents and mentors, catching big fish after big fish in a wonderfully scenic new environment as shaped by the Friends of Spy Pond Park (FSPP) in the previous years. No less than 13 young anglers caught their first carp that day and the biggest of the day was 14 pounds! Little did we know at that time that our event would become an Arlington tradition, and that, 5 years later, we’d still be at it with no intent to ever stop… We settled for ‘Carporama’ as the name of the event as suggested by an enthusiastic parent a couple of years back.


Fast forward to June 2014. Expectations were very high as our 2013 event was the most successful of all. It is not without a little anguish that we started the first day (our beginner’s morning session), but young Samantha landed a nice fish very quickly, showing everybody how it’s done. Go girl! The morning session unfolded, with six big fish landed in between knot tying explanations and casting practice. The afternoon started slowly and although some people got discouraged, others were cheerful and patient, and their patience was rewarded with six more biggies landed. The advanced session on Sunday morning followed a similar pattern, a bit slow to begin with and 7 fish at the end. It is always interesting for me to see that most kids are actually incredibly patient, able to wait for several hours, and when the reward comes, they have this amazing smile and this makes everybody’s day.


The whole thing is quite some work. One full week of pre-baiting every day, a few authorizations from local officials, quite a few e-mails for advertisement and registrations, some anguish about the late spawn, 3 half-day sessions during the week-end, a bunch of kids and parents running around... But when it all pans out, this is just a blast for everybody and makes for great memories.


As usual, many thanks to mentors and picture takers, FSPP, the Arlington Recreation Department, and most importantly the main actors, namely all those youngsters who participated with such enthusiasm and patience. And… we’ll do it again next year and the following year, that’s a promise.



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