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Story 2013 TAKC 20-25

Page history last edited by Jerome Moisand 9 years, 10 months ago

Take a Kid Carpin': 20 / 25



June 29th and 30th, 2013


Spy Pond Park, MA


Jerome, Mike O, Mike K,

Iain, Dean and many kids


The story


For the fourth edition of our TAKC event in MA, we had a truly memorable week-end with a bunch of local kids. We were set up in beautiful Spy Pond Park, which has been renovated a few years ago, and now provides a perfect environment for shore anglers. Our first day was the beginner's sessions (one in the morning, one in the afternoon), and this turned out AMAZING. We had 20 kids total taking turns, and each and every of them caught a carp, and a few of them even got a second fish. Yep, 25 carp landed in a single day of fishing with kids... Oh, and we beat our local record twice, first in the morning with a 17lber, only to see a 18lber come to our net in the afternoon! No need to say the excitement ran pretty high.


The following morning, we had our 'advanced' session where we took much more time to explain and practice various aspects of carp fishing with 9 kids who had previous carp experience with us in the past years. The bite was a bit slower, we 'only' landed 5, but this went very well. Finally, mid-July, I took two of the most 'hooked' kids for a special river fishing session, and we landed a 22lber and a 16lber, plus a couple of smaller fish... Not too shabby!


Many thanks once again to Mike O and Mike K for the first day, and to Iain and Dean and Sheri for the second day. Having dedicated mentors and talented photographers makes all the difference... Here is a slideshow of the best moments of our fantastic week-end.



Oh, and a local TV production company (ACMI) came to record some video segments, and interviewed me afterwards. Between my accent and a very sore threat, it's a miracle if people can understand what I said, but hey, they did a nice video editing job and this shows a little bit of the action 'live'. Check it out below, or by clicking here.



Finally, I can't resist... We went fishing with Davis and Anya a few weeks later. They caught two nice fish each. Whenever I see this picture of Anya with her monster catch (22lb), this makes me happy... The winner of the CAG 'fish of the month' contest in July!



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