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Story 2013 - Carp Caviar - Korean Noodles

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Carp Caviar & Korean Noodles



March 30th and

April 2nd, 2013



Who Jerome, Edith and Felix...

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Carp Caviar


My devious wife had something in store for me today. As I returned from yet another unsuccessful video recording session, we had some lunch. I was grumbling after those carp eaters who ruined my video swim. Mark my words... She suggested to eat some Taramosalata (you know, this cheap caviar made by Greek folks), and I was glad to do so as I typically enjoy it. This looked perfectly ok, right?



It tasted ok, a tad too salty, not exactly the usual taste, but pretty good. Then Edith smiled (deviously!) and showed me the nutrition facts... and I almost spat everything on the table... 



 Yes, instead of being made from salmon or trout eggs, this was made of... carp eggs! 




Korean Noodles


Two days later, I was still a bit shaken by my carp caviar "tasteful" adventure, and decided that it was my turn to have some fun. A slightly late April 1st prank at my son's expense. Yes, I can be devious too, although not as much as my wife...


It was time for dinner. My wife took a liking to Korean food, and often brings something weird to the table. So when I told Felix that we were eating some new Korean noodles tonight, he said "ok, why not", and took a helping without any second thought.



It was admittedly looking tasty, and we let Felix take a bite (ahah! good one!). He wasn't so enthused a few seconds later!



Ah yes... Maybe I forgot to mention something... This is all Mario and Brian's fault... See, I read the latest NACA, was quite struck by a new bait idea, and bought a meat grinder... Boiled some maize, and... it really looked like Korean noodles, don't you think?





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