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Jerome's Videos

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If you wish to make a donation to help me for the expenses related to such underwater video recording, please use the donation button below.





Title / Link Date Medium
YouTube Carp Live! Oct 3rd, 2014 Passed 5 million views and 2500 subscribers!
YouTube Carp Live! Apr 28th, 2012 Passed 3 million views and 1100 subscribers.

YouTube Carpiopedia

Mar 2012 I opened the Carpiopedia channel to upload unabridged videos.
YouTube Carp Live! Nov 2011 Passed 2 millions views. And nearly 800 subscribers. Oh, and enough with those pesky ads.
YouTube Carp Live! Jun 2011 More than 1.5 million views on the Carp Live YouTube channel! And more than 500 subscribers. Impressive.
A summary of recent video-related events Spring 2010 Web only. More than 500,000 views on YouTube. Articles in magazines. Four new videos. An interview. Quite eventful!
Recording Underwater videos - Part 1 Jul 2009 Web + several magazines, including Carpe Scene Collector
Recording Underwater videos - Part 2  Jul 2009  Web + several magazines, including Carpe Scene Collector




Mar 2012: trying a line aligner rig again. 

Detailed notes here. And full unabridged material on this channel.

Mar 2012: short video, weird behavior of a few bass.

Feb 2012: sophisticated pop-up rig Mar 2012: trying two types of hooklinks, Coretex and Powerpro.


See also my Jan 1st video for the FFF 2012.




Dec 2011: method ball and pack bait, how they break down,

and how carp go after them.

Dec 2011: paylaking-like rigs and packbait

Jun 2011: Post spawn carp biting fast & furious! Jun 2011: Uninterrupted footage of active post-spawn carp seeking food.

Mar 2011: PVA bags dissolving in the water. Ghostie carp. And more. Mar 2011: Testing a line aligner rig. A glimpse of a koi.

Underwater Videos 2010


No raw video uploaded as Google Video is no longer available for uploads... Hmpf. If you have another idea for unlimited uploads (size and time), tell me...


25-Apr-10: trying a semi-fixed rig for a change. Carp did cooperate. This was quite eye opening for me, definitely worth experimenting a bit more.

11-Dec-10: the river was already partly frozen, I couldn't bring fish to the shore, so I decided to just check how they would react to boiled maize soaked in some heavily spiced chocolate concoction. They did get at it, but without full enthusiasm. Unclear if this was just too spicy, or if they weren't hungry enough.


01-Apr-10: two videos showing carp behavior when presented with a pop-up. First video focused more on when it doesn't work... ...while the second video focuses on the successes.


15-Mar-10: Patchwork of underwater scenes. Carp cooperating with the angler... or not! A munching carp drove me nuts.


My newer videos on YouTube and Google Video (2007/08/09)








Long shank hook; big pop-up

28-Mar-09: various misc tests. Part 1 is about using strongly flavored (anise) maize on a bed of regular chum. Didn't work out too well. Part 2 is about a long shank hook (Kamazan B745, pretty bad hooks!) combined with a hair aligner rig. Didn't work well, either. Part 3 is my first test with a pop-up, but the 20mm boilie I had was too big for those fish. Finally, in Part 4, I played with two floating fake kernels of corn (unflavored), rig was critically balanced. Didn't work too well either. Wasn't my day! ;-)

See Raw Video Part 1 + Raw Video Part 2 + Raw Video Part 3 + Raw Video Part 4

No edited material
Stiff Rig

16-Mar-09: I was using a stiff hook link (Snakebite 25lb) and a hair positioned along the hook shank (hair aligner). Then I introduced a couple of variations. At the very end, you'll find a "dancing carp" (I swear!). Visibility was quite good for once.

See also Raw Video Part 1 + Raw Video Part 2 + Raw Video Part 3 +Raw Video Part 4.

Slow Motion I played around with slow motion (five times slower than real time) to make a new video based on material I recorded earlier this year. See also the video response from a friend.
I also extracted one video frame after another for the last run. 30 frames per second, 48 frames, so the recording lasts one second and a half, no more! Check out the Anatomy of a Run slideshow
Terry's rig

06-Mar-09: Testing again with Terry's rig & straighter hook. Carp weren't active at all where I recorded, cf. most chum dropped farther away. Very boring material!

See Raw Video Part 1 + Raw Video Part 2

No edited material

Hinge rig &

Terry's rig

01-Mar-09: Testing again with regular rig + hinge (and -poor- dip) => Part 1 and 2. Then Terry's rig (hair aligner) with a straighter hook (worked much better) => Part 3. Best part wasn't properly recorded though... Aarg.

See Raw Video Part 1 + Raw Video Part 2 + Raw Video Part 3.

No edited material
Snow White 22-Feb-09: a guest appearance of a white koi. Would love to catch this one... Pics album 
Hinge rig & Terry's rig

22-Feb-09:  Part 1, 2 and 3:  testing Terry's rig (hair aligner); Part 4:  regular rig +  hinge.

See Raw Video Part 1 + Raw Video Part 2 + Raw Video Part 3 + Raw Video Part 4.

No edited material
Shorter Hair

21-Feb-09:  Testing with more bait on the hair... Part 1 and Part2:  mini-boilie +  one kernel of sweet corn. Part 3:  mini-boilie +  2 kernels. Part 4: playing with Honey Mustard as a dip (yes!)

See also Raw Video Part 1 + Raw Video Part 2 + Raw Video Part 3 + Raw Video Part 4.


Where is Waldo?

16-Feb-09:  Carp actively competing for food (sweet corn, maize, sweet feed). Believe it or not, I had to break a thin layer of ice to drop bait & lower the underwater camera... As to Waldo, this is a neat linear carp. We see it several times. Unedited raw material, quite fun to watch in its entirety.

See also some material recorded just after, where a round lead acts in an unwieldy manner: Raw Video



Snapshot pics

Long Hair

13-Feb-09:  Experiment with a fairly long hair and a single bait, a small Timeless Bait unflavored mini-boilie (semi-buoyant, but not enough to lift the hook off the bottom).

See also Raw Video Part 1 + Raw Video Part 2 + Raw Video Part 3 + Raw Video Part 4.




Carp enjoying a new type of chum, namely sweet feed (horse food with molasses and all sorts of good stuff).


Hooked & Hooked

This video directly follows the "Carp Live! Delicacy" video. After feeding them, it was time to catch them. And catch, I did... One of the most successful carp videos on YouTube.


Raw material
(sweet feed)

This is the unedited material corresponding to the "delicacy!" and "hooked & hooked" edited videos. This is almost entirely continuous, I just stopped the recording for a few minutes here and there when I started to catch. 



Raw material

(tiger nuts)

A big continous raw video segment where I threw tiger nuts in the water, and observed what happened. To my amazement, they started eating it right away. But it took a long time for them to actually clean up the bottom, because they tasted & rejected the nuts many times before actually swallowing them. Sadly, the water wasn't quite clear this day (early Feb-08), so the video quality is pretty poor. As a side note, the swim was iced out, I had to break some thin ice to lower down my camera and drop the nuts! 


Enjoying birdfood

Edith (my wife) cooked and flavored some birdfood. So we tested it. And they definitely liked it. A tad too much for one of them! This video won the Nature Vision Aquavu monthly contest for underwater videos. YouTube


My videos on Google Video - winter 2005/06







Just roaming

This time, I didn't throw anything in the water, I just recorded the carp (and bass) leisurely roaming. For you to see their behavior before you throw your bait, or when bait is very sparse. GoogleVideo
Food incoming It follows the previous one ("Just Roaming"), I threw in the water some of my favorite mix. You can see the carp getting more & more interested. But it takes a while. GoogleVideo
Handicapped This one was weird. I threw a ball of bait in the water, it started to dissolve, and then the strangest carp came by. I think its bladder was punctured. Yet it survived! GoogleVideo
Two rigs This video shows catches with a simple hair rig, and then with another rig (something not well known dubbed the "Flauger" rig). GoogleVideo
Balls & bust A non-flavored packbait. It definitely doesn't trigger the carp to feed actively. GoogleVideo
Tangled This video shows how a wicked carp tangled my rig. Without the camera, I could have left it there for hours without ever catching anything! GoogleVideo
Hide & Prick It follows the previous one ("Tangled"), showing two carp being caught. Kind of. GoogleVideo
Pricked! I finally succeeded to have a clear shot of a carp being caught. But it took a while! GoogleVideo
Teaser This video is just a short teaser, showing a few carp roaming around. GoogleVideo
Mean guys Not a carp video, but just to show you how mean a bass can look in the water. GoogleVideo


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