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Story 2010 - Three days in Trois-Rivieres

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Three days in Trois-Rivieres: exploring and blanking



October 8th to 10th, 2010


Trois-Rivieres, Quebec


All by myself

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The story


My discovery trip this year has been improvised at the very last minute, but I was lucky enough to be able to spend 3 days in Quebec, exploring a town named Trois-Rivieres (Three-Rivers). This town is located at the intersection of the St-Maurice river and the St-Lawrence river. This only makes for two rivers, would you point out. Well, the name actually comes from the islands located at the very end of the St-Maurice river, which breaks it in three rivers (kind of) before entering in the St-Lawrence. No need to say that such configuration seems designed for a solid carp factory!

As no CAG member seems to fish this area, and I know of only one local who very occasionally fished for carp out there, this seemed well suited for a discovery process, and I feel no constraints about disclosing everything I explored, since I located all spots by myself, and anybody could easily do the same.

So this seems like a good opportunity to share how I typically proceed when exploring a new area. I roam around, I fish and I take PLENTY of pictures, which I upload on Google Picasa, then I add comments on most pics to record my findings. Occasionally, I also attach a Google Map to the photo album to record the location of each pic. This is pretty easy to do, and gives you a terrific way to archive all your findings while keeping track of your exploratory journey.

So here are the 120+ pics of my first day of exploring and fishing. You can either visualize the slideshow here, or if you prefer a display of the pics overlaid on top of the map (to more precisely follow where I was), just click on one of the pics, this will bring you to Picasa, then click on "view album map". I would advise you select the satellite view and zoom a good deal. 


Here are the 100+ pics of my second day of exploring and fishing Trois-Rivieres. The pics album is also associated with a Google Map.




Please find below the last pics of my trip, my third day of exploring and fishing Trois-Rivieres (again, the album is associated with a map). What can I say, I tried hard... I certainly don't regret going, scenery was beautiful, and this is what discovery is about, a hard process with the occasional reward, or maybe not.





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