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Story 2009 Girin and Guyan go fishing

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Girin and Guyan go fishing



March 15th, 2009


Charles river


Fishing with Ajay and his sons

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The story


Last Friday, I received a e-mail out of the blue from a guy named Ajay starting by:

"I don't know where to begin except to say I'm a big fan of yours. I enjoy all of your pictures and stories and videos. I love to fish, but frankly, I'm terrible at it. My success rate in terms of hours fished to fish landed is painfully low. I often end my fishing outing having landed nothing."


And on he went, a quite lengthy e-mail elaborating on the same theme, I never received something like that! My first fan letter! LOL! A quick search on the Internet showed me a nice guy with a great family (Facebook says more than you might think!), I had to do something, this was clear! So we swapped a few e-mails and settled on a possible fishing session on Sunday.


Sunday morning, I overslept for the first time in many years and emerged from my bed quite dazed after 9am (if you don't understand what I'm saying and think that 9am is way too early to wake up on a Sunday, you don't have kids!), and suddenly remembered that we were supposed to go fishing if confirmed. A quick e-mail check, and yes, I was late... Since my gear is always in my car, it didn't take too long and here I was dragging my gear on the sidewalk of the Charles and finding Ajay patiently waiting for me with two of his kids, Girin and Guyan.


Before explaining too much, I dropped a can of sweet corn at the "hot spot" where I record my videos (which Ajay identified by himself from my winter's videos), then came back to explain a few basics. The kids were very eager to fish with scooby doo rods and uncle josh's bait. When I told them that I had yet to meet somebody who caught a carp on this stuff, they made a funny face! The kids were rather young to hold an 12 feet rod, still, using my own gear (and bait) seemed a much better plan. After chatting for a little while, it was time to start fishing. Rig & bait went in the water, I put the rod on the shore, and 30 seconds later we heard the noise of the baitrunner clicking... Fish on! I played this one (and the next one) to show them how it's done and what a carp looks like, and the excitement level cranked up a few notchs...


Enough with my own fishing, Girin was to take the next run. Which didn't take long to happen. Here we were, with an angry carp at one end of the line and a 4 years old on the other end! Quite a fight! Girin surprised me by handling the reel quite well without me even explaining how to do it, quite the natural angler!



And soon after, with a bit of netting help from another fellow (Javier, who came to chat with me a few times in the past), Girin had caught his very first carp. A small scrapper in my eyes, but a very big fish in his eyes!



Next run, I was hoping that Guyan would take it, but this was a bit too much when you're not even 3 years old, so Girin was at it again. The fish was safely landed, and thanks to the helpful Javier, Ajay stopped hiding behind the camera, and we took group pics. Here is the nicest. There was just no way we could make the kids watch the camera, all they cared about was the carp!



Girin absolutely wanted the entire experience, including releasing the fish back to the water. My own concern was slightly different, to not slip on the rocks and NOT release the kid in the river! This was a tad close, I had passing thoughts of Girin's mom going after me with a big kitchen knife and a bunch of lawyers if things hadn't gone according to plan, but no, we made it safely!



Now it was Ajay's turn. I started to explain how to play a carp, but he already knew how to deal with a powerful fish and the principle of wearing it out instead of horsing it. The main challenge was a bit different. Two very excited kids running around, the river dangerously close, and bikers gunning on the bike path. Oh, and I wanted to take pictures. And net the fish as well. You get the picture! This required quite some juggling, yet we made it. Ajay played his fish skillfully, and dad showed the kids who's the best (for now!) by extracting from the river the biggest fish of the day, 12 pounds or so.



The novelty of carp fishing was starting to fade for Guyan, who found a fascinating plastic fork on the shore, and Ajay found himself trying to arbitrate a fork fight between the kids using a live carp to separate them! Priceless!



That was it, time for the kids to go home and for dad to explain to mom why the kids had a strange smell on their clothes... As far as I understand, mom had no opportunity to cringe since Girin couldn't stop babbling about his fishing adventures! Whew, no big knife, no lawyers! At least for this time...


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