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Story 2009 Anise Maize

Page history last edited by Jerome Moisand 11 years, 3 months ago


Anise Maize and a cool fish early spring



April 3rd, 2009


A pond in MA...


All by myself


The story


Andy (The Bait Shop) was kind enough to send me some bait and tackle to try with my underwater videos. Last week-end, I started to play with the anise maize, and recorded some video material that wasn't terribly conclusive. More experiments were definitely required.


Today, it was raining on and off, and I wanted to go do something else. So I went to a place which I know can produce early spring, prebaited a bit, went to go see a couple of other swims, came back, set up my rods (one with sweet corn, one with Andy's maize). I proceeded to throw a few more freebies with the help of a big spoon, and... the spoon went flying in the water, the handle neatly broken! Also one of my bite alarms didn't seen to work properly. And rain was pouring. Wasn't a good start.


I walked back to my car and fumbled a bit with the misbehaving bite alarm. 30 seconds later... Beeeeep. Now, that was really unexpected. Frankly, I really didn't think I would catch much today. 


Of course, this was the anise maize rod which had produced. And a nice fish it was! After wetting my feet to land it (with no net, I hadn't had time to set it up!), it turned out to be a pristine and very long fish. Once I put my hands on the weigh sling and the scale, I figured out that I had caught a 25-12lb. Well, even if I didn't catch anything else in the next two hours, this certainly was enough to make my day!


Thinking about it, this looks like the biggest common I've caught in a pond in MA!


Thanks, Andy!




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