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Story 2008 Spring Finally

Page history last edited by Jerome Moisand 15 years, 11 months ago

Spring, finally!


When March 14th, 2008
Where Charles River, MA
Who Fishing with Vinny Jeffreys
See also Picasa album


The story


Vinny and myself had planned to go fish this week-end and we were very pleasantly surprised to see that the weatherman predicted a very mild, spring-like, weather and... got it right for once!


I had prebaited the swim late at night, and when we arrived mid-morning, all the maize was gone and a few carp could be seen roaming, now that's a good start. Only strange thing was that there was an outflow of water much strongly than usual, and any chum we'd throw (including a heavy method ball) would drift 15 yards from where it was intended to go! This wasn't a problem for Vinny, who was cunning enough to cast where the bait ended up going, and didn't take long to catch the first fish.

Attached Image


But this was definitely a big problem for me, because I had intended to record another video, and I needed the fish close to the underwater camera, not 15 yards away! And while Vinny started to land fish after fish after fish (sweet feed & sweet corn did create a real nice hot spot!), when I wasn't busy playing net-man, I could only watch a very fish-less video screen... So much for testing this rig with a long hair that I wanted to check today, following the feedback received 2 weeks ago...


Attached Image


Vinny the fishing machine kept going, getting a run every 5 minutes or so. Jerome the recording machine kept going, watching a perfectly useless fish-less display with increasing dispair. 


We didn't take a pic of every carp Vinny landed (well, more precisely, that the humble net-man landed on behalf of the fishing king!), but here is a cool ghostie.


Attached Image


Vinny couldn't be stopped, and also caught this rather weird fish, which was very short, and obviously ate way too much of my maize during the night!


Attached Image

By then, I had more or less given up on the video and was trying to catch my first fish, casting farther away. Well, Vinny's rod & rig were such a fish magnet that it took me quite a while to finally land one, although it was a nice one. Which brings me to the comparison of the extremes. Our biggies first...


Attached Image Attached Image

And the kiddos next! I wonder about the extent of the psychological trauma done to the second fish, it surely never had seen something like that in its entire life!


Attached Image Attached Image

And we kept going for a while, Vinny catching, me netting... Fishing finally slowed down after a couple of hours. It was a good day. Can't wait for the spring to truly settle.


Oh, and one last carp for the fishing machine. Yeah, he caught the first one and the last one, of course... 

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