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Story 2008 Lucy and kids

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Lucy in the sky with carp



June 21st, 2008


Merrimack River, MA


Fishing with Lucy, Sanjay and kids

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The story


Last year, I met with Joanne, Lucy and their kids, and we had two good sessions of carp fishing (Story 2007 Max First Carp, Story 2007 Felix Max and Friends) on the Charles river. Since this worked pretty well and they seemed eager to get more, I had in mind to bring them to the Merrimack river to catch bigger fish one day or another.


Well, today was the day, at least for Lucy and her kids (Joe and Danny). Joanne and Max couldn't make it, this will be for another time. I chummed the spot quite generously the evening before, but was a bit nervous because I stayed there for a while and didn't see any sign of fish. Not having fished the Merrimack much this year, I was really not sure what to expect.


I arrived around 8AM and found that another carp angler (Roger) has the same idea of fishing with a kid (well, his own kid). Who caught a fish relatively quickly, and I was lucky enough to snap this cool release shot.

Lucy and the kids called me to say there were running a tad late, so I didn't hesitate to throw again quite some bait (maize and sweet feed) to try to make sure that fish would be very active when my friends would arrive. Amazingly enough, my plan worked perfectly, and we got our first run just a few minutes after they came to say hello! Now that was fantastic timing! Joe played the first fish, which found its way to our net after a spirited fight that created quite some excitement!



!! keep the story going based on Lucy's pics... Danny got one... Etc... Big run which made us chase the fish on the rocks... Lucy got one as well, the biggest...





Early afternoon, Sanjay, one of my colleagues at work joined us with his son. We had a short business trip together the day before, and I had invited him to come as well. This was his very first time fishing, but it didn't take long for me to feel the power of carp! He had some troubles picking up a lively carp who absolutely didn't agree to be photographed, but we finally got the shot!

We kept fishing, and the carp kept biting. Joe was now fishing with style as you can see! Not easy to deal with such a long rod at this age, but he managed pretty well!
We were quickly onto another fish, which Sanjay's son caught "almost all by himself", at least this is what he told his mother on the phone a few minutes later!
After my little friends left, I was rather exhausted, but still I was lucky enough to finish the day catching a few fish by myself, including those two long upper teens (pics courtesy of Corey who joined us on the bank late afternoon).


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