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Story 2007 Matt and John

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When April 14th, 2007
Where Charles river, Boston
Who Fishing with Matt & John


The story


I will not make a long story out of it. Suffice to say that on Saturday, I met two new guys, Matt and John. Both experienced anglers, but novices when it comes to carp fishing. In 3 hours, we landed something like a dozen carp, and lost a few more, but that's ok, it's the way one learns. Matt proved to be a fantastic quick learner (showed him how to make a hair rig once, and... he tied one right away), and John was oh so eager to catch!


Great fishing, great sharing (both ways), and great fun. Back to basics.


Here is Matt.


Attached Image

And here is John.


Attached Image

We used only three rods, but found a way to have two double runs. Yeah, that's me on the side!


Attached Image

And to answer to some of the messages I received in the past few days, yep, that's me, smiling, and I was really enjoying myself, thanks to Matt & John.


Attached Image
PS. a word of thanks to Garry Procter, one of our former CAG members in MA, who recently moved back to his home land, but found a way to tell one of his former colleagues (Matt) that he should contact me. Well, Garry, I know for a fact that Matt & John are fully hooked by now. happy.gif 





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