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Story 2007 First Linear

Page history last edited by Jerome Moisand 15 years, 11 months ago

My First Linear


And quite a biggie!


When July 1st, 2007
Where MA
Who All by myself...


The story


Well, after a very successful session at a new spot two week-ends ago (check it here), I decided to give it another try.


Three hours of burning under the sun, and nothing showed up... That is, except a solid sunburn. Ouch. I tried another spot, saw carp roaming, looked good. Yeah, well, two hours later, it was quite obvious they were not quite in a feeding mood. And my sunburn was getting worse!


So I decided to come back to the area where I caught my big mirror a few weeks ago. Mostly because it it in the shade by mid-day! I set up my rods, not being confident at all, lied down and... fell deep asleep. Too much sun during the day, I guess. Well, when you fall asleep, there is sometimes this noisy alarm clock which wakes you up. And you're in a haze. And you act like a robot for a few minutes. Which is exactly what happened to me.


BEEEP. Oh boy, I had no idea where I was. I moved towards my screaming rod, trying to drag the net behind me, I fell on the floor, finally grabbed my rod, and started to play the fish without paying much attention. I struggled again with my net (spot is cramped), I think I did everything wrong I could do, giving leeway to the fish, not keeping the line tight, not preventing it to go towards my other line (can't understand how it didn't get tangled). I was actually grumbling a bit, because in my haze, I was convinced it was a rather small fish. After a couple of minutes, the fish came in sight. And... I was suddenly wide awake! Because this looked like a hell of a thick fish! Two missed netting attempts later (wasn't deep enough for this fish!), I waded in the water and finally landed the beast. And broke my back lifting it...


Attached Image
I had an interesting time weighing it with a (way too deep!) carp sack, but yes, this beauty was actually bigger than the one I caught a while ago! A 35lb whopper! Fantastic! And... I finally noticed it was a linear! I had never caught one so far!


Took me quite a while to find somebody willing to take pictures. I think I frightened a few ladies who obviously thought I had another agenda in mind... Sorry girls, but all I could think at the moment was my fish! Finally, a nice guy came to the rescue, and took a good pic.


Attached Image
Then I tried to take a couple of more pics by myself. First, I tried some underwater pic, but this didn't work too well... I kind of like this kraken-looking pic though!


Attached Image
And finally the release.


Attached Image

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