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Story 2007 Brenda and Cody

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Large carp and smallmouth

Brenda and Cody


When July 22nd, 2007
Where MA
Who Fishing by myself, then with Brenda and Cody


The story


Well, I started this morning at 4AM. Oh man, that's tough... I wanted to go catch a few ones at a spot where plenty of boats usually roam, so better be there real early if you want to fish in peace for a while.


And yep, I did catch a few. Here are the two most notable captures. Now believe it or not, this smallmouth fooled me for a few seconds, giving me a run on a 3oz lead that sounded exactly like a carp!


Attached Image Attached Image


Mid-day, I decided to fish the Merrimack, following the idea that the bait thrown in the water during the MA fish-in yesterday should have attracted a few fish!


Well, it was a bit slow, I did catch some, but the nice story came while I was wrapping up (ready to go try a 3rd spot). Two adults (brother and sister) and two kids had "invaded" my swim an hour earlier. I have to say that I was grumbling a little bit because space was tight, and I was rolling my eyes to see them use a tiny rod & reel and try to catch a carp on a doughball on such light gear. But well, turned out they were real nice people, so I tried to throw some more bait & pellets in the water for them to catch something.


Amazing enough, this worked and they got a run just when I was wrapping up and carrying my stuff to my car! I came back, and to my surprise, although she was very excited, the lady turned out to very skillfully play an angry carp. She took her time with the light set-up, gave an opportunity to the kids to feel the power of the carp, and finally brought the low-teen to my net. Here are the smiles to show how important this fish was for them. Cool. Made my day. Well done, Brenda and Cody!

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