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Story 2007 Brace of Snow Carp

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A brace of snow carp


When December 9th, 2007
Where Charles river, Boston
Who By myself, then with Domm  Mariano


The story


After a few weeks of biz trips (side note to travelers, visit Sydney, this is a gorgeous city!), I was just so happy to be able to fish again that I decided to go today, on a sub-freezing-point day...


First, it was a bust. At the spot I had pre-baited yesterday evening, most of the bait I had thrown in the water was still there (Aquavu tells you everything!). I actually wanted to record a new video today, but well, the main cast of characters were suspiciously missing, except for this very stunned carp which roamed close to shore, but wasn't eating anything.

Attached Image
 Sub-freezing point proof... Not too sure my sweet corn had much attractive power!

Attached Image

So I moved to another local spot, with a water discharge which is sometimes warm, sometimes not... Didn't go there much this year. After an hour, I started to have a few taps on one of my rods. But a run came on the other one, and here I was playing my first December fish of the year.


Yeah, well, except that my first rod gave me another run 30 seconds later. You have to be kidding me, a double run in MA in December? Can't say I did it very elegantly, but both fish were landed, and here is a brace of snow carp!

Attached Image

This was in the city, we actually have a few inches of snow in the suburbs, and I know that our largest river is partly frozen by now. I didn't take a water temp measurement, but my guess is 36 to 38 degrees...


I caught two more carp, including a nice low teen afterwards before the cold convinced me to come home. No monster, this is for sure, but hey, four fish in a few hours on such a cold day, this made my day.


One week later...


I received a phone call from Domm out of the blue, and a few hours later, here we were trying to catch a snow carp again... And this time, we had a good foot of snow! 

Attached Image

Attached Image

We actually even pretended to be in Alaska, using Huskies to drag our gear and everything!

Attached Image

After a while, Domm was so sure of our success to come that he started to celebrate with an impressive cigar. 

Attached Image

Did we get any run? Well... Not much... But the weather was great, and it was really nice catching up between friends.


PS. This was my last fishing session for 2007. Onto 2008 where big fish will come, no doubt!

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