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Story 2006 Bill and Gaby

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Bill & Gaby: Two new "first carp" anglers for MA


When November 26th, 2006
Where Charles river, Boston, MA
Who Fishing with Bill & Gaby


The story


Bill and Gaby are two bass anglers who contacted me a little while ago asking about those strange fish named carp which seemed to break their lines whenever they tried to catch them. So we agreed on going fishing together at an easy spot in MA.


Bill was ready to start at dawn, but I was not! So we didn't reach the spot before 9:30 when the outside temperature was a bit better than our chilly fall nights!


I baited a bit to try to turn on the carp feeding mood... And started long explanations about bolt rigs, hair rigs and the likes. 30 minutes later, no carp, and I was starting to wonder if my easy spot was that easy. Finally one of the rods did take off, alas we missed the fish. But the feeding frenzy was activated, and it didn't take long for Bill and Gaby to land their first (admittedly quite small) carp.


Attached Image

Attached Image

The action became pretty frantic, and we caught plenty of fish in the following hours. We barely had time to practice knots and rigs, but still, they were working hard at it!

Attached Image


We lost count after a while, but I think that taking turns on the rods, we landed more than 20 fish... And missed a few more. All in 5 hours. Given their smiles at the end of the day, I'd say we have two new carpers in town...


Here they are with their biggest fish of the day (Bill's was 12-8lb and Gaby was 11lb, if I remember well). Twice as big as their biggest bass ever! By sheer luck, I succeeded to maintain an edge with a scrappy 13 pounder!


Attached Image Attached Image


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