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Story 2005 FFF in MA

Page history last edited by Jerome Moisand 15 years, 3 months ago

FFF 2005 in MA



Jan 1st, 2005


Charles River, MA


Fishing with the MA contingent


The story


First, I made a spirited attempt at entering the FFF hall of fame, fishing the Charles in Boston until 3AM (local time) close to boats on the Cambridge side, but to no avail. Oh well, I had no witness anyway except the guy on a bicycle who got caught in my line while I was dozing! 

In the morning, fishing with a whole contingent of MA troopers at a local water discharge, we got nothing, zip, nada until 2PM, then decided to move to a spot full of ice and very little open water...


<< Scott Osmond speaking:

Going with the advice of Jerome and Domm, we headed out to the confluence of the Muddy river. Nearly iced in, water was 36f! Carp didn't mind....

Jerome was first, fishing in a narrow slice of open water between ice. 13.5lb. Then second with a 9.5lb. Very happy and even gloating a bit to me about how I've gotta pay attention in his class... Domm missed one and let me in for a flip to try and land one. I did, a tiny 3+lb. Domm, on the board with a single, then hooped and hollered as I landed his first ever mirror carp... a fully scaled one at that of near 7lb! I managed to find another group of fish along the wall (with help!), and landed a few more singles as Jerome, Domm, and Bill Anderson landed a few in their respected slivers of open water. Then my open area started to produce, and I ended up with 12 in only 36f water! Oh, for good measure, Domm also managed a BEAUTIFUL 10+lb lightly scaled mirror...when it rains it pours! Jerome caught steadily, Bill added a few more, as did Domm. Pleasant surprise was Vinny came over and proceeded to land a tiny 3+lber also (battling it out for tiny fish honors [carp]). All in all 29 fish between 5 of us (Bob and Chris left after our long blank at the "warm" water... in a few hours before light left (the fish were still hitting well...but food and fun awaited at Jeromes house...THANK YOU EDITH!).... A great day! Jerome will give the specifics....but I think Jerome had biggest, toss up for smallest between Vinny and me, and I managed to fluke 12 retards... Huge congrats to Domm!



This really ended up as a crazy day! I had a hard time keeping track of all catches at some point in time! So I can't resist... Here is a bunch of pics... First and foremost, the fish which started all... and ended up being the biggest (13-8lb). 

Attached Image
As you can see, it was really quite close to ice fishing! We started by fishing one rod at a time in this spot, taking turns... Then the water cleared up a little bit, so we started to fish other small holes, but none of us used more than one rod at a time!
Attached Image

Domm and Scott missed a couple of fish, so I had to give a crash course for Scott on how to play fish in an icy environment... He did ok afterwards... Then Domm landed one. And we were all amazed by this gorgeous fully scaled mirror! First mirror ever for Domm!

Attached Image
Bill tried free-lining with some magic bait my wife made in the morning and this worked well! For him and for me!

Attached Image

Scott did ramp up pretty good for an ice-fishing beginner, and did catch a few fish. Here he is with a ghostie. Still have to teach him how to hold a fish, though... 

Attached Image

And then Domm hooked another fish. And I had the net. And I saw what it was. I asked Domm if he was ready for the news... He didn't understand what I was saying until I gave him the net! And here is another mirror for Dom. Almost a linear, actually (the line of scales along the dorsal line isn't very visible on this pic, but was perfect). Was a nice 10 pounder. Could somebody call an ambulance for Joe (Baker)? I think he got a heart attack!

Attached Image

Vinny finally came back to join us after following "Airforce" Bob who decided to visit other non productive spots on the Charles... And Vinny did catch this one almost through the ice!

Attached Image

Scott ended up catching 76.8 pounds of fish (12), I caught 59.1 pounds of fish (7), Domm took the 3rd place with 40.6 pounds of fish (5). All in a few hours.


What about "Airforce" Bob who decided to try his luck elsewhere after coming with us to explore the muddy river outflow? Well, he caught approximately 0 pound of fish...  Even a crappie angler inadvertently caught a carp where we were, and did better than Bob! I don't know what happened to Chris Chiodo though?


Overall, a rather boring morning and an incredibly exciting afternoon with fish absolutely ravenous, even if the water temp was barely more than the freezing point... Phone, you there? :-)


<< Scott speaking:

A couple thoughts... It is definately doable to ice fish for carp. What we did today was ice-fishing, minus the traps. It goes to show, after 6 hours of nothingness, once found in winter, you really can catch them well... This is the coldest water temp Ive ever caught carp...36f! Im pretty sure all the others also. Fish took very aggressively. Very fun day, despite the wind and cold (me being grossly underdressed, sweater, shirt, tee). The local hotties seemed also to be dressed lightly. Amazing to see all that "natural beauty" flopping around on New Years Day... Domm, Jerome, and Ediths generousity. Nuff said....thank you!

When someone babbles on for 15 minutes (while scouting) that he wasnt able to get his main goal for 2004, ie a mirror carp, it's a sure sign he will land 2 within an hour that day....1rst of the new year...



Afterwards, the now customary dinner prepared by my wife was very welcome by hungry anglers! A few drinks, and we were ready for a goofy pic to celebrate our success today. What a fantastic achievement! Winter fishing can definitely work, no question left.

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