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Story 2004 My first thirty pounder

Page history last edited by Jerome Moisand 16 years, 1 month ago

Post ATC 2004 - My first 30 pounder!



March 28th, 2004


Town Lake, Austin, TX


Fishing with Scott Osmond


The story


Scott Osmond and myself got warmed up a bit slowly during day 1 and day 2 of the ATC. So we decided to wake up at 4AM (gasp!) this Sunday and rush to a great swim where many big ATC fish were caught in the past 2 days.  Yes, we were first! Scott had a bit of difficulties finding his way, but walking with his eyes closed didn't help...


Well, long story short, a powerful run occured a few hours later. I grabbed the rod and felt something terribly heavy. Quite some time later, the fish was close to be netted, and guess what? Another run on a second rod. So we quickly finished netting the biggie (it did seem huge!), then I rushed to the other rod, felt something not so heavy but still obviously a nice fish. Quite some time later, the 2nd fish met the first one in the net that Scott patiently kept in the water. Here is this terrific "brace".

Attached Image
 Now... how did they weight, will you ask? When we took the last picture, I didn't know yet! 


The first one was actually 31lb, meaning a new PB (yeeeeessssss) and my first 30+ carp (yyyyyyeeeeesssss). And the 2nd one was a nice 23.5lb.


Here is a picture focused on the 31lb.    


Attached Image

Ten minutes later, I was still fixing my rigs while a 3nd screaming run occurred. An eternity later (this one fought so hard), a really beautiful 29lb was added to the list... Note the size of the scales!

Attached Image

All in all, Scott and myself caught something like 200lb of carp today... And most of them in a 3 hours streak... Whoah! Town Lake is really something! 


Now, do you think think this is an exceptional story? For me, it certainly is.


But when Brian asked (during the ATC ceremony) how many PBs had been established during day 1 and 2, at least a dozen hands were raised in addition to the now well-documented fantastic PB from Tommy Robinson.


I know of an English fellow who broke his PB twice in a row on day 3. Etc. I'm ready to bet than more than 15 PBs were established during these 3 days... If not more!What happened next? Well, ducks really enjoyed my bait, we had a great weather, but this was the end of it... It was well worth it, though! We'll be back next year!


Oh, and Scottie did catch a few nice ones as well, like this 24 pounder.

Attached Image
But waking up at 4AM, then lifting 54+ pounds of carp in one swoop kind of transformed Scott into total deadmeat... Here is the proof. He was REALLY sleeping well (actually lightly snoring) when I took this picture!
Attached Image


Terry Fishlock said:

Many congrats on the PB, I see some familiar rods in the background, how did you find them playing big fish?




Yes, I wanted to mention it. I did use your rods & reels to land this 31/23.5 double.


It probably took me ten minutes each to land the fish (frankly, I don't really know, but it did take a huge stressful/delightful amount of work).


I really appreciated to have such long rods, notably because the first one (the biggie) turned on the left side of a point and I was stuck behind a tree desperately trying to make this beast come back. The rods absorbed all the shocks absolutely beautifully, and did the work of pulling the beast inch by inch.


So yes, Terry, you can add your name to the list of folks without whom I would never have landed these beauties. 


While I'm at it, let me add that Wackerbaits tackle also helped quite a lot (hooks, swivels, 3oz leads, PVA bags, etc). And that the 23.5lb was caught on my very last Royal Carp scopex boilie (the 31lb was caught on something much simpler, sweet corn, but with Royal Carp pellets in a PVA bag). The 29lb was also caught on sweet corn. Another 20+ was caught on Pescaviva from Wackerbaits.


Finally, let me re-emphasize that this is only one story among many others... What an incredible venue and event!


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