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Story 2004 Montrose harbor gift

Page history last edited by Jerome Moisand 13 years, 1 month ago

Pre CCC'04: Montrose harbor's gift



When September 24th, 2004
Where Montrose harbor, Chicago, IL
Who Fishing with Matt Coll and Louis Cook
See also A few pics of the event (CCC 2004)


The rumors


Pat Kerwin:

Any truth to the rumor that Jerome had a 32 today in Chicago?


Jerry Brown:

Well, I didn't see any pictures but several other people did say he caught it. He caught it at Montrose and Tommy Riley told me at the CCC that with the southwest wind it would fish very well this morning so Maggie and I may head down there. Anyone still in the area should check it out. Tommy said to fish the harbor, not the horseshoe. Good luck to all.  

Jerome, if it was me I'd of had pictures pasted on my shirt and people would be avoiding me as I retell the story over and over again. And the fish would have been bigger of course. 


Scott Osmond:

Got the call directly from him friday just after he landed it. 32# even from what I understand. Well deserved for the most famous of the CCC stewards! A just reward!


Matt Coll:

Jerome's 32.01 is 100% true since I netted it, and Louis weighed. Jerome, myself and louis fished Montrose harbor, where many fish were caught. Today (Sunday) was slightly different. From 4am-10am I had the only fish between Paul Wells, Skip, Louis and myself. A little bit later Trevor and Jim the webmaster showed up, and as Paul, Louis and myself were packing up, Trevor caught a 21.5, just a 1/2lb shy of a pb. Basically, I just got done a 12 hour drive from Chicago to Philly. I'm delerious. More details and pictures will emerge later... The pre fishing was great, the CCC was a blast. Driving 12 hours sucks!  


Jerome's report


Yes, I can confirm that I caught a 32 pounder in Chicago Montrose harbor. I was there!


Thanks a lot for all the kind words, it's nice to get those from both old and new friends.


Louis forgot to mention that he caught a 22 pounder, and Matt caught two low twenties during the same morning (Friday), and that I caught my 32 using their groundbait and a mysterious boilie they gave me. They are great anglers and extremely nice guys.


I'm also very glad for Trevor, who told me Sunday morning that he went to Montrose mostly because of my story, and I had no idea he ended up landing his 20 pounder.


So here is the monster... Pic taken by Matt, with my other witness Louis enjoying this moment almost as much as I did! Great guys!


Attached Image


By the way, I would be a jerk to not mention Paul Wells who prebaited Montrose for several weeks ahead of the event, and to whom we owe our eternal gratitude for all those 20+ fishes.


Now, guys from MI, IL, WI, IA, MN... Here is a challenge for you... You will not let a guy from MA win the regional big fish award for Midwest, will you? Because I did submit my catch for the Big Fish Award of the new season...


One more pic from Louis (sadly, I have no more pics, as I lost my camera on the shore, leaving precipitously for the airport the day after the Chicago Carp Classic):





I did win the CAG Regional Big Fish Award for this year!


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