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Story 2004 FFF in MA

Page history last edited by Jerome Moisand 15 years, 3 months ago

First Fishing Folly 2004 in MA



Jan 1st, 2004


Boston, MA


Fishing with Iain, John, Bill and Garry

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The full Picasa album


The story


I was very hopeful when I came to pre-bait the Warm Water Discharge earlier in the morning (I had chummed with a ten pounds giant can of corn the day before). Then I measured the water temperature on the exact spot where I wanted to fish. 38F, hmm, cold. I tried closer to the water discharge. 38F again? Er... What's going on? I tried again right in the water outflow... 39F... Aaarg, what kind of warm water is that? Well, the corresponding plant shut down their engines, no smoke out of the chimneys... So it was more of a Cold Water Discharge...  


Well, we fished anyway, starting around noon. John caught a nice mirror half an hour later, his first mirror ever, wonderful! Maybe it will work after all... And then... zip, zip, zip. We got nothing at all. And left a bit before 5PM, some of us going to a special dinner... 


So, given that Fran, Scott, Joe, and Bob didn't fish for carp today, and that Domm couldn't make it, this means that:

John Westbrook is the winner of all awards for Massachussets!

John with his first mirror carp (3.4lb)... A beauty, isn't it? And certainly not the last one!

Attached Image

We had a BIG thermometer... The picture doesn't show it very clearly, but we had enough witnesses to certify that it was indeed 38F around the time of capture (12:25).

Attached Image

Bill and Iain trying to hook an unhooking mat! Er... does this make sense to you? Well, it was a bright day, but somewhat windy... Windy enough to send the mat flying...

Attached Image

And finally a group picture. Nice outfits!

Attached Image
Thanks to everybody for participating, even if we didn't catch much, this was real nice to see you all get started on your 2004 fishing.


The best part was probably the dinner though... Too bad you couldn't make it, Bill.

Attached Image
A dinner where my favorite cook outpassed herself by making TWO "coulibiac" carp, and this time, with the hooks! Whoah!

Attached Image
As to what happened after we emptied a few bottles of wine and good food... Ahem... we got a bit "uninhibited"...


You're really wondering what this means, are you? Well, go see this Picasa album...

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