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Story 2001 First Carp in America

Page history last edited by Jerome Moisand 16 years, 4 months ago

My First Carp in America


When July 2001
Where Woburn, MA
Who All by myself...



The story


Here are the two guys who changed my life... I was having moderate fun catching sunfishes (bass were not cooperative this day) when I saw these guys come, chum with sweet corn, and after half an hour, catch this 10+ carp! What? There are carp in the US? And this seems real fun to catch! What am I doing with these scrappy sunfish and bass?


Interestingly enough, I never crossed the path of those two guys since then.

Attached Image
So I tried myself the week-end after... I hooked a fish, but lost it. I tried again, until I caught this oh-so-wonderful fish, so surprised by my success that I really didn't know how to handle this whacker! 
Attached Image


This was in July 2001, Horn Pond (Woburn, MA) and the rest is history.


Actually, I did catch quite a few carp when I was a teenager (in France, my homeland), but I don't have any picture of it. Anyway, July 2001 was a new beginning for me, after a carp-less time of roughly 20 years...


PS. to see more pics of first carp, check this thread on the CAG forum.

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