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Stories 2009 Misc

Page history last edited by Jerome Moisand 14 years, 2 months ago

Stories 2009 - Miscellaneous


A few noticeable events for which I didn't issue a full write-up.





Dec 6th Felix had a plan with the snow. Me too! CAG forum link
Dec 4th At least somebody caught something today. Big bird!

CAG forum link

Nov 8th

And Mario said "use HNV boilies to catch monsters"

CAG forum link

Oct 3rd

Mike and the monster mirror. New CAG record (42-8lb). CAG forum link

Jul 25th

A carp is in the eye of the beholder... Edith's new glasses!

CAG forum link

Picasa album

Apr 17th

Birthday session wasn't terribly productive, but still I caught a colorful fish in a spot never fished before by master Oz himself! CAG forum link

Apr 12th

A new river spot, and... 12 carp landed in 4 hours! Including my first 20+ from a local river. What a blast! CAG forum link

Mar 22nd

Fishing was a bit slow today, but it was cool to see Andy (Matt's friend) get the hang of it and catch a few carp. I also caught a strange one with a big tail and nice coloring.

CAG forum link

Picasa album

Mar 13th

Happy to be playing net man for David Pickering who found a great winter fishing spot,

landing 20 pounders in Rhode Island.

CAG forum link

Full CAG thread

Mar 8th

A nice (and windy!) day at the Charles with Vinny and Jeff (a visitor from RI).

CAG forum link

Picasa album

Feb 15th

First session of the year for Vinny and he rocked the shore!

CAG forum link

Picasa album


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