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Stories 2008 Misc

Page history last edited by Jerome Moisand 15 years, 2 months ago

Stories 2008 - Miscellaneous


A few noticeable events for which I didn't issue a full write-up.





Feb 1st Caught a load of winter fish!

Nice pic

Feb 24th Initiated Brian O'Connor to carp fishing Picasa album
Feb 29th Caught a lot of fish, and recorded cool videos



May 2nd

Scott's challenge fulfilled! Or at least a good start towards it.

CAG forum link

May 19th A strange visitor today... Another sweet corn lover! 

CAG forum link

Aug 15th

Rhode Island (mirror) fish-in

CAG forum link

Sep 06th

The common which wanted to be a koi

CAG forum link

Picasa album

Dec 14th

First carp for young Ben (in December!)

CAG forum link


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