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Jerome Stories

Page history last edited by Jerome Moisand 2 years, 9 months ago





2018 / 2019 / 2020


Fishing In The Desert (2019)
CAG Big-4 Win (2019) The Law of Unintended Consequences (2020)


Carp are Everywhere!

10 Days of Discovery (2018)

Discovery Ain't Always Fun (2018)




Seven Flooded States (and more) Grand Chelem at the ATC


FFF - We Should Do This More Often




Aidan and the 15 pounder The Sniper Interview


Going South Junior Tournament 2016




Challenges in Michigan
Ontario: windy, wet and fun!



Discovery OH
Discovery IN


Discovery NY
Discovery PA


Carporama 2015




Misc stories: NEYC


Not Much of a Discovery


Carporama 2014 CAG Carp Classic in Waddington




Misc stories: Special Visitor in CA


TAKC MA: 20 kids, 25 carp! WANTED: a lot of 30s...


Carp Caviar and Korean Noodles
Wooden Shoes, Salmon and (many) Carp


First Fishing Folly 10th edition
The mystery of the dock




Spy Pond & Kids (TAKC 2012) Too many 30s... C'est la vie!



Yet another lucky birthday On my own terms - Part 2




Miscellaneous stories 2011


NEYC 2011 First Fishing Folly 2012


Family fishing Chicago Carp Classic 2011


Lucky birthdays Many kids and quite a few carp (TAKC 2011)




Miscellaneous stories 2010


On my own terms FFF 2010-2011 Diary


Family fishing - a special catch Three days in Trois-Rivieres


Take a Kid Carping in MA  (TAKC 2010) Seeking carp at the antipodes


A "masshole" in Connecticut

Connecticut River: Swim 23


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FFF 2010 Exploring & Blanking

Spring Underwater Videos Birthday and Mirrors




Miscellaneous stories 2009


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CAG Discovery Month teaser

Treasure Island

Discovery dreams and harsh reality


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Walking on water at Long Sault

Carpe Quebec Junior Event


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Anise maize and a nice fish

The curse of the net


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Frozen Fish Folly

Where is Waldo?

Girin and Guyan go fishing




Miscellaneous stories 2008


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Vinny and the brace of mirrors

St Lawrence Junior Tournament


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Lucy in the sky with carp

Explorations, frustrations and rewards


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Birthday and following events

Nice days in "La Belle Province"


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First Carp of 2008

Spring, finally!




Miscellaneous stories 2007


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Halloween - a Koi story, of course!

A Brace of snow carp


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In search of a French speaking carp

 Ever heard of Heard pond?


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St Lawrence Junior Tournament

First fish-in in Maine


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Max quest - two years for a carp!

Felix, Max and friends go carp fishing


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Back to share with others

Brenda & Cody


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The end of a four years quest

First linear - and quite a biggie!


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First Fishing Folly in MA

Saint Lawrence in January


2001 - 2006


Stories 2006

Stories 2005

Stories 2004

Stories 2003

Stories 2002

Stories 2001


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